Best Projects Of The Year


We were contacted by a young lady who had made several attempts to have a customized piece made for a dear friend of hers.  He was there for her when she was going through a rough time and she wanted something personalized for his motorcycle.  Something that you wouldn't normally think is so hard to find.  She wanted to have a motorcycle tank pad made for him.

We were the 4th or 5th company she had contacted, and she admitted that she had almost given up hope.  At PCA, we don't believe in losing hope.  We advised her that the material may be of a different type, but we would be more than happy to help her try to repay somebody who was there for her when she needed.

After a dozen proofs going back and forth, we agreed on a design.  Her friend has always had a fascination with sharks, and she wanted to make his Yamaha motorcycle look like a shark.  She requested a tank pad that looked like a deep water vista and a set of side pads that looked like gills.

She was amazed, as were we, with how well the design turned out on the bike itself.  Fulfilling her request for a project that seemed lost to her, was the highlight of 2018.

Taking difficult projects and distant dreams, making them a reality - that is what we do.